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  • Terica Uriol
    Terica Uriol Ferrández
    • Bachelor of Science and Technology of Food
    • Bachelor in Pharmacy
    • Specialist in Dietetics and Nutrition.
  • La dieta de Terica Uriol
    My diet
  • Pan con mejillones de Terica Uriol
    Pan con vegetales y huevo de Terica Uriol
    Bread with mussels
    Bread with vegetables and egg
  • Tosta de salmón de Terica Uriol
    Salmon toast
  • Tosta con pavo de Terica Uriol
    Tosta con vegetales y huevo de Terica Uriol
    Toast with turkey
    Toast with cheese from Burgos
  • Musaka vegetal de Terica Uriol
    Vegetable millefeuille
  • Tosta de pollo de Terica Uriol
    Tosta de gulas de Terica Uriol
    Chicken Tosta
    Gulas Toast
  • Tosta de boquerones de Terica Uriol
    Sandwich de york y pepinillos de Terica Uriol
    Anchovies toast
    York sandwich and pickles
  • Pan con morcilla de Terica Uriol
    Tosta vegetal de Terica Uriol
    Bread with black pudding
    Vegetable Tosta
  • Tosta de cinta de lomo de Terica Uriol
    Pimientos de Terica Uriol
    Loin ribbon toast
  • Pan con Jamón de Terica Uriol
    Huevos Fritos de Terica Uriol
    Bread with jam
    Fried Egg Tostada

Center for nutrition and dietetics Terica Uriol

"Lose weight eating everything"

       More than 16 years of experience accredit the professional success of Terica Uriol , licensed in Pharmacy; Science and Technology of food and Specialist in Dietetics and Nutrition. Famous for its sandwich diet and the Anti DuKan diet, it receives patients from all over Spain, including many celebrities from different professional fields such as Boris Izaguirre, the Spanish aristocrat Simoneta Gómez-Acebo or the chef Samantha Vallejo-Nájera

His philosophy is very clear: "Teach to eat so as not to get fat again" .

LOS LUNES DE 9:30 A 17:00 h.

A partir de Abril de 2018
Terica pasará consulta en
"Global Farmacia"
Avda. Europa, 15 Pozuelo de Alarcón
los lunes de 9:30 a 17:00 h

El resto de días seguirá en
Alcobendas y Madrid