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OnLine Method

The Online method are specially designed for those patients who can not attend the consultation in person, for living outside Madrid or for lack of time.
It is a comfortable, effective and easy way to reduce weight and volume without having to go to our facilities.

We teach to eat in a healthy way , with common foods that can be found in any supermarket, without using any type of pills, nor hard-to-access foods. The preparation of the dishes is simple and with multiple options since we add a large list of foods for free consumption.

For the realization of the diet we rely on the Mediterranean diet through the Nutritional Food Pyramid, since it is the pyramid of health. Our base is the Carbohydrates together with the vegetables, vegetables and fruits, to a lesser extent the use of both animal and vegetable proteins and in last place the minimum consumption of fats so that our body can pull the accumulated ones.

We will send you a questionnaire to know your nutritional situation, your eating habits and your nutritional preferences. If you do not have time to complete the questionnaire, in the same query will ask you those questions.

Once the payment is made and the questionnaire sent, the dietitian will contact you for the realization of a totally personalized diet by telephone, mail or in videoconference by Skype.

Once the payment is made, you must call us to request an appointment with the dietitian.

The diets are weekly and the consultations every 15 days for a nutritional assessment and change of the menu.

While the diet is followed, the dietitian is at your complete disposal via telephone, whatsApp (during consultation times) and by email to solve any doubt and control regarding the diet.

Payment of inquiries will be made by payment by card, PayPal or bank transfer

The price of the individual consultation is 50 €.

If your treatment requires several consultations, the price is cheaper thanks to our Bonds.

Bonus 5 Queries: 230 €.

Bonus 10 Queries: 450 €.